Morocco’s Expansionism Based On Allegations, Propaganda

Algiers — The expansionist policy of Morocco is based on “allegations and propaganda,” through false arguments and lies on the alleged sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara, a former Moroccan, military told Canal Algerie TV channel.

“Moroccans are occupied not by a foreign power but by a regime (…) which instils in them a culture based on lie (…) and denial of history” about the question of Western Sahara, said Mustapha Adib, an activist within the Collective for the Condemnation of the Dictatorship in Morocco, told “Questions d’Actu” (Topical Issues) broadcast on Canal Algerie.

According to this former Moroccan Air Force officer, “the reality is there: when the Spaniards occupied Western Sahara, there was no Moroccan presence (in this territory).”

The sultans of Morocco, at the time, recognized that their power was limited to Oued Noun, a river located above Western Sahara, today occupied by Moroccan dictatorial power, installed by France”.

Going back in history, he stressed that in 1912, the Sultan of Morocco had appealed to France, then later to Spain to protect his throne.

Since then, a “real crisis of legitimacy of power” has settled in Morocco for the benefit of France, which currently plays the role of a “mercenary” in Western Sahara issue, noted the former military, who served 30 months in Sale prison, for having denounced corruption within the Moroccan army.

This explains why “France is doing nothing” for the conflict in Western Sahara,” he added.

Mustapha Adib pointed out the large-scale corruption relating to the issue, involving French and even American elected officials and journalists.

“I can confirm that all bodies that may be introduced into Morocco to manage the conflict will be corrupted by the ruling power,” says the former military.

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