Tunisia: No Problem Impedes Algerian Gas Supply to Tunisia

Tunis/Tunisia — No problem is currently impeding the supply of Algerian gas to Tunisia, in compliance with the agreements concluded between the two countries, said Monday, the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Energy Transition.

The department specifies in clarifications posted on facebook, that whatever has been spread about the possibility that Algeria could interrupt the supply of gas to Tunisia is utterly false.

These clarifications follow the publication in some Algerian media, articles posted on facebook, on the reduction by the Algerian company Sonatrach of the quantity of gas sold to STEG, due to the non-payment by the latter of its debt to the Algerian company.

Tunisia has already requested last June, the increase in the royalty it receives on the Algerian gas pipeline that crosses its territory to Italy, the Tunisian Ministry further recalls, adding that STEG had settled most of its debt in mid-August.

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