Western Sahara: Sahrawi Army Continues Attacks On Moroccan Army Positions

Units of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) continued their attacks on bases and positions of the Moroccan occupation army along the wall of the shame for the 17th day, the Ministry of National Defense said Sunday in a communiqué.

The Sahrawi defense ministry underlined, in its communiqué n17, that “the advanced detachments of the liberation army conducted Sunday concentrated and massive bombings on the zone of Oum-Edken in the sector of Albakari, the zone of Hezemih in Mahbas sector and also targeted “the entrenchments of the occupation’s soldiers in the zone of Fosse Ishiaf in the sector of Al Bakary.”

“SPLA’s forces targeted on Sunday the enemy’s positions in the zone of Ross Sbti in the sector of Sbti Mahbas, the sector of Al-Forsiyya and also the sector of Osmol Khamlh,” said the source.

The bombing also targeted “the bases of the occupation army in the region of Alfayeen in the sector of Al-Farsiya.”

The Sahrawi army’s combatants continue their intense attacks on positions and trenches of the occupation army after that the latter violated the ceasefire agreement by attacking the unarmed Sahrawi civilians who were peacefully demonstrating in front of an illegal breach of El Guerguerat.

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